Do you need a stump grinder?
For over 5 stumps or any hardwoods you will most
likely need a self-propelled stump grinder.
If you have less than 5 stumps we have two low-cost
options for you, a 13HP and 25HP manual grinder.
Dont forget to dig around your stumps!
Don't be fooled by low prices on Pressure Washers
Most people think PSI (pounds-per-square-inch)
are all that matter.
Gallons per minute is what actually do the work.
Our pressure washers flow 4.5GPM - theirs: 2.0GPM
Need a lift?
Articulating lifts which resemble that of a scorpion
tail are great for general use.
Telescoping lifts are the best choice for tree work
since the lift is not directly under the falling limbs.
We have what you need available! Reserve now!